SINGING TELEGRAm - a unique gift to your loved ones

Do you want to send someone a personalised gift to let them know you are thinking of the? Can’t be there in person on their important day?


No worries, you can send them a personalised message via a singing telegram for any occasion, if it is a birthday message, a love song or just to let them know you are thinking of them. It’s less than being there in person, but so much more then just a card, text or an email.

How does it all work?

  1. A unique and totally personalised recording of your or the recievers favorite song in style of a sing-a-gram. The repertoire can vary from classical lied, baroque arias to musical/pop songs or jazz standards. Either me singing in baritone or in countertenor voice. The choice is yours.

  2. Pictures or personal messages can be included with no extra charge!

  3. No song good enough for you? No problem, I can also compose a song for you. (for an extra fee).


Need more information, or do you want to discuss all the possibilities? Send me a message and I will contact you shortly after.

You can choice a song in five different languages; Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.


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